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Photo Friday: How big is this baby?

With exactly three and half weeks to go, I thought it might be time for a belly shot. I know I probably look huge but I’m actually much smaller than I was with Alex at this point. Weight-wise I’m about five points less but also my belly seems a lot more compact than last time.


With some friends at a little party at my sister’s house

Getting ready for our Christmas party last weekend. (It was a great time, by the way!)

I had a sonogram yesterday and the baby is estimating 7 pounds 3 ounces -- 80th percentile! I know that’s just an estimate, but if she gains half a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy I could be looking at a nine-pound baby. Fine by me, really. I like big babies -- they sleep better, eat better, are less fragile-seeming. Of course, doctors told me Alex was going to be 10 pounds and he was 8 pounds 7 ounces so you really never know. (Were your sonograms accurate?)

Anyway, getting to see the baby was pretty cool and has gotten me really excited again. (It’s easy to forget I’m even having a baby with all the holiday hoopla going on.) And nervous…we still have a lot to do to get the house -- and ourselves -- prepared.

Good thing there’s a blizzard headed our way. Perfect weather for nesting! I hope you all have a great weekend.