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The Post-Partum Doula We Are Going to Hire

She showed up on time, though she had to call first from the road because she had trouble following my directions. Maybe they were bad directions? I can't remember.

She's a little older than me, but hardly a surrogate mom, or grandmother for that matter.

She will come in the morning, take the baby so we can sleep, make us breakfast when we wake, listen to my birth story (she says people often NEED to talk about their birth experiences, a lot), help us with all the baby care activities: breastfeeding, diapering, swaddling, et. al. She will hold the baby so I can shower. She will intercede on the arrival of guests bearing casseroles, as needed. She will put food in my hand — and make sure I eat it. She will organize the nursery, run errands, do laundry, execute light de-cluttering.

She will do this three times a week, for three hours a day, for two weeks, or more as needed. (A gift from my mother, who herself had the help of a baby nurse when I was born, 38 years ago.)

She will also come when my parents visit, and teach/remind them how to do the baby tasks so I don't have to explain or instruct (am imagining I will be too sleep deprived to explain or instruct).

She lives nearby; she's available in December.

Most importantly, if she does her job well, she says, she will train us to not need her anymore.