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The Post-Partum Doula We Probably Won't Hire

(Ring Ring)


Oh, Hi. No no, it's fine. I don't remember how long it's been since I left that message.

Yes, well I'm glad you called back. I've met one post-partum doula this week, and am interviewing another next week. I was hoping to meet with three and then make a decision.

What? No, we're not interviewing tons of people.

Two hours? No, that won't be necessary. Half-an-hour is fine for a first meeting.

Can we talk a little bit on the phone now about your services?

Well, I'm not sure how much help we'll need. This is our first baby. We thought maybe three-times-a-week for two weeks?

Of course, I don't want to waste your time. Do you think six visits isn't enough? Should we have you come more often? No? You'd prefer three-per-week? Okay.

I hadn't really thought about what age doula I prefer. You're a grandmother? How nice. Congratulations.

No, we don't have family in the area. My mother is coming to help in the third week. She was the one who suggested we hire someone to help us the first two weeks.

You feel sorry for grandmothers who don't get to spend the first days helping?

(Awkward pause)

So, I see from your website that you do acupressure as part of your services? That's great. What else?

Help us learn how to treat the baby with respect... Everything I think and say even now affects my baby... It's not just a little blob. Yes, of course.

Well, I'll go over my notes with my husband and we'll get back to you.