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Preparing My Furry Baby for Baby

There were a few clues that made me think I was pregnant before I knew for sure: My strange cravings for breakfast tacos at 11 o'clock at night several days in a row. My unusual urge to pee in the middle of the night. And my lack of usual clues that my aunt flow was coming for a visit. But one little nudge I didn't expect was the constant cold, wet one between my legs by my dog Snoop.



Sure, dogs like to sniff between people's legs, but Snoop isn't one to do that normally. He's more polite. But sure enough, since I've been pregnant he's extra friendly in the private-regions.

His strange tendencies continued. He'd follow me around the house, lay next to me, or put his head on my stomach, and worst of all, EAT my UNDERWEAR! Luckily he grew out of the phase after the first few weeks, but it was still really weird.

One of my friends told me her dog chewed up her underwear not long after she found out she was pregnant, so it made me feel a little better. Snoop had never chewed up any article of clothing before but I guess he just sensed my pregnancy.

I've read on a few that animals, particularly dogs, can sense when their owner is pregnant. They can get more protective, more attached, and just act weird. Sometimes it's because they notice their owners are sleepier, and or sick, they are getting less attention. Then later, when you're bigger, because you're changing shape and walking strangely.

As I've gotten further along I've been more convinced of this fact. He's a lot more protective of our home, of me, and he always likes to be near me, and my belly if he can.



I'm not too worried about how he'll react to the baby. I'm confident he'll be fine. We've babysat infants before and while he's a very mild-mannered dog anyway, he gets even more calm yet curious when a little person is around. He's very gentle and only slightly concerned when they cry.

He loves babies, and babies seem to love him, I just hope it's the same case with our own.



I'm not going to lie, I do get more agitated by Snoop lately, and I don't pay him as much attention. I'm sure he knows something's up as he's not allowed in the baby's room, and he watches us from his boundary-line in the door frame, constantly shuffling things around in there.

When I take him on walks he is more alert when people walk near us. I'm sure it'll be similar when we have our baby in tow, but I'm wondering if there's more I can do to help him adjust to a new addition to our family, and how we can keep some of his over-protective tendencies in check.

I watch a lot of The Dog Whisperer, so I've got the "exercise, discipline, affection" thing down...Sorta, but I wonder if there's more I can do.



I've heard people suggest practicing walking with the stroller before she's born, and introducing him to the baby's blanket before he meets her. Any other ideas?

I think there's a dog trainer in my area that works specifically with new parents, have you ever hired anyone like that to help?

Did you have pets before kids? How did you all adjust?

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