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Push Present: Yea, I Want One

It was long before I was pregnant when I was first introduced to the term "push present."

Some women were talking about our wedding rings at work when one of my friends said one of her friends got a brand new diamond ring as a "push present." Huh? was my thought, so I asked. And like it sounds, it's a present expected from the expectant father. A thank-you gift your husband will give to you while "pushing" through labor (although any type of delivery can earn this gift.

Traditionally it's jewelry and it's given to a new mother either before, during or right after delivering her new baby. In England it's tradition for men to give their wives a diamond ring. In India they give their new mothers gold jewelry. Apparently, here in the US it's just starting to pick up and it's most spreading by word of mouth—A brilliant custom I'm determined to let women know about.

Now first let me acknowledge that my baby is the biggest gift of all. There's nothing better than the blessing of a new beautiful, healthy baby and I'm not trying to take away from that. Now that said... I'm totally down for a push present.

My back is starting to ache in ways I've never felt before, my ankles have turned into cankles, my vagina will soon be stretched out in ways I don't even want to think about, and soon after I'll experience many sleepless nights. All wonderful sacrifices for my lovely little family. But wouldn't it be nice to stare down upon a shiny new bracelet every time I change my baby's diaper? I think so!

Ok ok, really, I'm not even totally set on the idea of needing jewelry. I've never been a big fan of the glitz, I'm a much more practical girl. A simple charm bracelet with my baby girl's name attached to it could be nice. I'm also considering of going in an entirely different direction.

Originally I was hoping for a DSLR camera, but I got that for my Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday present, so now I'm thinking a new closeup camera lens would be nice. It would be great to take pictures of our daughter with! Maybe even a new external hard drive to store all of those photos on. I think something like the whole family could appreciate would be a nice gift. Maybe a newborn portrait package for the three of us.

I guess it's something my husband is suppose to think of, but I can't really leave it all up to him. I must drop him hints. Or maybe he'll just let me pick it out myself.

What do you think? Are you with me ladies? Are we going to spread the word about these fun gifts? Did you get a push present (besides the big one, your baby I mean)?

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