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Results Part 1

We got the first set of results back! Our genetic counselor called me and said that based on my blood work and the sonogram, our risk of Down syndrome and trisomy 18 was in the negative range. Meaning that at this point, our baby has a very small chance of having these conditions. Whew! GREAT news. I'm supposed to get more blood work in about four weeks that will complete the testing for these chromosomal abnormalities, but for now, things look good. No word yet on the Jewish Panel — apparently those take a while longer.

Other good news: I'm feeling a little less nauseous — not all better, but a little less sick. I'm still favoring soup over everything else, but I can eat salads again without gagging. And I'm not craving beef jerky or corned beef hash anymore. It seems like I'm making my way back toward my pre-pregnancy healthy tastes — I hope.