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An Alternative Pregnancy Work-out...

Did I mention that spew-fest a couple of weeks back resulted in weight loss when I had my recent check-up?! I can hardly believe it as since returning to the Land of Feeling Much Better I’ve been hoovering down sugary and salty goods like they were going out of fashion.

Mini eggs! Oh yes, a whole packet to myself please! Ben and Jerry’s – what do you mean I have to share this tub? Family-size Doritos bags – mouthfuls demolished in between fetching toddler Eliza more grapes from the kitchen, back-turned to her because, god forbid, she should see me making such fast work of junk food when I prattle on about fruit and veg all the time.....

So it was a great surprise when upon being weighed at the ob clinic, my weight was clambering back down the scale. Nothing to worry about the midwife assured. My weight gain has been fairly steady throughout the pregnancy – another surprise as I’ve been doing absolutely zip exercise.

The intentions were there initially as while pregnant with my first I was swimming, doing yoga, hill-walking. Oddly though, I still ramped up the weight until almost being fit to burst come delivery time. I was taken in by the whole eating for two philosophy which, technically speaking, only means you get to have an extra piece of toast a day or something equally as disappointing. Needless to say, I managed to sandwich chocolate goods, pasta, cheese and peanut butter onto that meagre extra slice of toast.

After having Eliza people reassured me that I’d lose baby weight quickly from running after her all the time. Phew, I thought! But then I discovered that errm, babies don’t do a lot of running. They do more lying stationary on floor mats, bassinets and blankets affording me the time to guzzle further chocolate goods and sup more tea with my new mum friends.

This time around, I’ve had neither the time nor the energy for any classes or sport. Swimming I would’ve done had the only local pool not been a) so ridiculously expensive to become a member of and b) so ridiculously far away.

But then it seems I’ve been keeping fit in other ways. Running around after a toddler really does mean what it says on the tin. And quite apart from the running, there’s the lifting, heaving, toting, pulling, yanking, bending, jiggling, dressing, diaper-changing and bathing of a 28lb being. Screw the exercise classes, it seems my 20 month old has been a vital weapon in my fight against pregnancy obesity.

That said, as my belly burgeons further forth, my walk slows to a waddle and my energy levels sink further and further below sea level, I’m finding this alternative work-out quite challenging.

Last week we signed up for an awesome toddler class at our local library, ‘Exploration Express’.  The kids moved around the various ‘stations’, exploring and experimenting with sand, water, dry pasta, paint etc. After twenty minutes I was so exhausted I had to fly the white flag and haul my toddler away kicking and screaming but not before she made another attempt to step into the box filled with water and take another bath.

The experience wasn’t helped by Eliza’s continuing insistence to stick everything in her mouth – something I hoped she’d have grown out of by now. So between disengaging sea shells and dry fusilli from her mouth and preventing the little boy beside us from getting decorated with red paint from her brush, it was both an inadvertent work-out for me and a wake-up call that at 36 weeks pregnant, I am not the spry, agile un-pregnant person I once was.

We’ve sadly cancelled the rest of our run at Exploration Express and are seeking more sedate activities instead. Partaking of more chocolate goods sounds like a good call. After all, I’ve got to make up for that lost weight somehow....