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Wanted: Pelvic Girdle Wearers...

Another routine check-up with the ob this week. Pee = well behaved, blood pressure = good, weight = fine (a shocker after the Christmas glutton fest...), fetal heartbeat = wondrous, pelvic prod (not on the menu but asked for by me...) = ouch!

So apparently I’m in need of a pelvic girdle. Although it sounds to me suspiciously like something for stirring soup, I’m assured it is a device which can help ease growing discomfort around my pelvic region.

Another change from this my second pregnancy to the first is that I rarely write down my questions for the ob anymore and think that magically I’ll be reminded of any queries I have during the appointment. This approach doesn’t work too well. I inevitably leave the parking lot post-visit going ‘Bollocks (Balls)’. So after three visits forgetting to ask my pelvis related question, for this appointment, I scribbled my question on a Post-it note.

And so to my pelvis. I’ve said before that after having toddler Eliza I was back swimming as soon as was possible. During my first swim, I launched myself off the side of the pool confidently before breaking into a breast-stroke kick and almost paralysing myself. The pelvic pain was excruciating. Doggy-paddling to the other side of the pool, I figured at just a few months after giving birth, my pelvic bones hadn’t realigned themselves properly yet. I wasn’t bothered by it in any other way – through walking, running, sitting – it was just the swimming breast stroke which I have therefore avoided doing ever since.

But by around Week 20 of this pregnancy, I was feeling that discomfort regularly. It wasn’t enough to stop me in my tracks and obviously not so painful that I’d remember to ask my ob about it on three separate occasions, but it was there.

And now, in Week 31 it’s there constantly. Again, it’s not breast-stroke kick ouch but it is painful, particularly if I’ve been lying down and as a result, I’m forced to move more senior citizen-like than normal for this stage in pregnancy.

So the doctor gave my pelvis a feel and I yelped. She then explained my pain was probably unrelated to my first delivery and was simply another ‘one of those’ pregnancy things. She said my pelvic bones were probably misaligned and that was leading to the pain, particularly when lying down.

After suggesting I get a pelvic girdle, I went online to see if I could track one down. Hell, if this pregnancy could get any hotter! Between my mum’s knickers, my recycled, grey maternity bras and the pregnancy farting, a girdle is just the icing on the Sexy Cake.

And getting girdled up doesn’t come cheap. My investigations have thrown up devices with price-tags starting at $50. Shouldn’t they be paying me to look that bad?

But I’m prepared to fork out the dough if it’s worth it. My doctor says that a girdle specifically for pushing my hips together (apparently girdles can do all kinds of weird and wonderful things!) will be the most beneficial.

So please let me know if you’ve been initiated into the girdle-wearing sorority. Did you find it helped at all? And have you any suggestions on good girdle brands? Let’s talk girdle!!