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Our Spring Break Photo Album

Sarah Preston Gorenstein

Operation babymoon-spring break, which I took solo with Preston, was a huge success. I can’t recommend this ritual enough: Carve out special alone time, or go away with your firstborn child, before your second comes into the picture. It was equal parts fun and, yes, relaxing—which I know is hard to believe with a 3-year-old in tow. We were visiting my parents in Scottsdale, along with my older brother and his family of five, so that definitely made our travels sans Daddy a little easier.

But that said, this was a Mommy-and-son trip, and we had a blast just the two of us, and really bonded. From the moment the hubby dropped us off at the airport, to the minute we landed back in Chicago, it was a delightful adventure, and Preston was a breeze to travel with, which was my only fear going on this trip with him alone (mostly because I’m about seven months pregnant and ginormous). As you may know my health has been spotty during this pregnancy, but the stars aligned for our trip—either that or the desert heat does a body good. My 30th week of pregnancy was by far the best I’ve felt yet.

Plus: Babymoons: Yay or Nay?

Preston’s at that age now where everything is cool and exciting. Frankly, he’s always been at that age. From very early on, he’s done something we call his “excited face,” that only our family will totally understand and appreciate. He does this thing when he really likes something—it’s usually when he’s eating—where he smiles really big and holds it, let’s out a squeal (like a “hmmmm!” sound), and even shakes a little. The little veins pop out of his neck. It’s pretty hilarious, and so him. He did that a lot on this trip.

Here are some of the highlights:

P and me at O’Hare, before our flight. How nice is my husband that he parked and walked us into the airport to help me with the enormous suitcase I packed? The perks of pregnancy.

This is the view we woke up to every morning, from my parents’ backyard in Scottsdale. Ahhh-mazing.

Preston snuggling up in bed with his cousins—from left, Emma, 8; Joe, 11; Koby, 13. We all stayed at my parents’ house; 9 people under one roof!

Preston spent hours each day in the pool, thanks to his trusty life-jacket—this kid is totally fearless around water. 

Despite the fact that my husband is a diehard Cubs fan, Preston went to Sox Spring Training with my dad, bro and all the kids—and brought home a ball!

That’s Preston and Emma at the Railroad Park in Scottsdale—we rode an actual train around the park, it was awesome.

That’s us at CrackerJax, a mini-golf/go-cart haven for kiddos. Yes, I’m huge.
I only hope Preston adores his new baby sister as much as his cousins adore him—these four were inseparable the whole trip.
The applying—and subsequent re-applying—of sunblock felt like it took up half our days. I had to beg Preston to wear this swim shirt, underneath the life-jacket, for further protection against that super-strong Scottsdale sun.
We spotted what we think is a diamondback rattle snake smack-dab in the middle of my parents’ backyard. What you can’t see is a house full of screaming children and adults. 

Did you do anything special with your first child, before your second was born? Share below!