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Babymoons: Yay or Nay?

Sarah Preston Gorenstein

Before we became a family of three, my husband and I took a babymoon when I was six months pregnant. We went to Aruba for what should’ve been a relaxing vacation on the beach—I was told it had great weather year-round. But as our plane descended, I caught a glimpse of the overcast sky and started to panic. “This is not a good sign,” I remember saying to my husband.

When we checked in, I anxiously asked the reservation desk how the weather’s been, and got nervous smiles. “It’s supposed to rain all week…” As soon as we got to our room at the lovely Hyatt Resort, we went online to check the weather forecast. Rain, rain and more rain. There was a tropical storm hitting the week we were there.

There's not much else I planned on doing on this trip, other than lying on the beach, reading and relaxing, and taking a boat trip if I was feeling up to it. The resort had five attached restaurants and bars, and an attached casino, but smoking was allowed everywhere…not so fun for a mama-to-be.

Turns out, there was nothing to do at this resort if the weather wasn’t perfect. “There goes our last vacation ever as a childless couple,” I whined.

We made some quick decisions, and started looking around at other places we could fly to nearby to save our trip—but everything in this part of the world was getting the same Caribbean storm. My husband and I are Vegas lovers—it used to be our go-to spot for quick weekend getaways (when we were younger and wilder). We found a reasonable flight back to Chicago the next morning, then another one to Vegas the following day, booked a suite at my favorite hotel there (The Wynn) and high-tailed it out of Aruba after exactly 24 hours. We had to make the decision fast—otherwise the extra expense wouldn’t have been worth it (we got all our money back from the hotel by some miracle).

It was the best decision we could’ve made. We spent a glorious week at The Wynn in Las Vegas—the weather was in the 80s and magnificent, and we spent every day at the luxurious private pool. We ate like kings; shopped like princesses; got pampered at the spa; and saw great shows. Even my in-laws drove down for a night to see us. Late at night, when I was ready to pass out on the 5,000-threadcount sheets, my husband went downstairs to gamble. It was the perfect babymoon for both of us. Vegas is so underrated for couples, in my opinion.

This time, unfortunately, the hubs doesn’t have any vacation time to take off from his new job before the baby comes, so a babymoon for us is out. Instead, I’m taking Preston to Scottsdale next week to visit my parents for spring break, with my brother and his family. Not exactly the kind of babymoon I had last time, but it’ll be relaxing and fun, Preston will have a blast with his cousins, and I get to spend a full week with my family (my recently retired parents have migrated to Scottsdale for the winter, and my in-laws live two blocks away). Plus, bonus for me, I have like seven pairs of hands on deck to help out!

I’m not bummed we’re not doing a traditional babymoon this time (ours was sort of a combined honeymoon/babymoon, and obviously over-indulgent)—it’s a nice luxury but it’s a huge expense, and even if my husband could’ve taken the time off I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have wanted to spend the money right now. Becoming a family of four doesn't bring with it the same carefree (or naïve) attitude we had before becoming a family of three. I’m just as excited to go away with Preston, alone on an airplane for the first time, and have this special time with him before the baby comes. (Sad my husband’s not joining us of course, but he’ll be fine—he gets an entire week to himself.)

How do you feel about babymoons? Did you take one with your spouse or partner before your kid(s) were born? Where’d you go? Worth it?