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Sex, spicy foods and other ways to bring on labor

On Wednesday I had an epic OB appointment and they have decided to change my due date to…yesterday. SO FREAKIN annoying. It's based on the sonos that were done early on and some glitch where they never changed my chart (though I specifically remember the doctor at the time saying that while the baby was measuring for Jan 7 we would leave my due date at Jan 12, based on my last menstrual period). I see a group of doctors and the doctor on Wednesday decided to change my due date. It wouldn’t really matter except that a: I know exactly when I conceived and I know my due date is January 12 and b: now they’re talking about inducing me next Thursday (when, according to this arbitrary new due date, I would be 41 weeks) if I haven’t had the baby by then. Were you induced? I don’t want to be!


I’ve just heard so many nightmare induction stories where women who aren’t ready are pumped full of the drugs only to endure endless hours of labor and still wind up getting a C-section. I don’t want that to happen! Don’t get me wrong, if the baby needs to come out, I’m all for medical intervention, but apart from that I’d like to let things happen naturally (well, right up until I get the epidural that is…). So, this weekend I plan on trying all the old wives tales of bringing on labor. And I need your help! What got your labor going? What have you heard works? Any and all suggestions welcome! And stay tuned….


P.S., I’m guest blogging for my friend Chrissy over at Storked! today. Check it out—bikini waxes before birth is the topic!