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Shopping for girl clothes: I don't get the hype (yet...)

When Nick and I were shopping for Alex’s birthday present, we stopped by the clothing department so I could pick out an outfit for my friend who just had a baby girl (the present is en route, Amanda!). As I was perusing the pink onesies and frilly dresses, Nick said, “I just don’t see what all the hype is with girl clothes.”

I spun around. “OMG, I know!!!” I said. “I think I must be missing some kind of gene because I don’t see myself going gaga for this stuff…ever.” And I mean it. I kept gravitating toward things with blue and green stripes and little animals and fire engines.

Nick and I do care about dressing Alex well, and we take time to make sure he looks good every day (unless we’re staying home, in which case he is most often in a tee shirt and a diaper). Yesterday he was wearing blue and white striped cargo shorts, a red Polo shirt, his blue crocs and a blue Michigan sweatshirt -- he looked adorable and I just don’t see how a poofy pink dress can compete with that. But we’ll see.

Part of the problem could be that I’m not a fan of pink. At all. I think this stems from the fact that I could never wear it. (I’m a redhead and while these days anything goes, when I was growing up, me in pink would have been a serious Don’t). But I’m also just not a big girly girl. I was an athlete my whole life, my favorite color is green, and while I do love a great dress and heels (I spent a good portion of the past six years attending black tie cancer events so I have quite a collection) I’m really more of a jeans, flip flops, and tank top kind of gal.

So, I’m wondering…is this need-to-shop-for-cute-girl-clothes going to kick in soon? Will it develop over time? Or have I been spared? It’s not like this baby will be deprived. Between my mother-in-law and my mother (who, despite having three grandsons, never hesitates to pick up a cute dress “just in case”) there will be plenty of lace and pink and ruffles to go around.