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We're on to crib bedding. Most of it looks anemic. Some of it looks like bedding for a budding executive. And all the organic stuff we have found so far is excruciatingly BORING (beige, anyone?).

How about a dresser or changing table that's not made with MDF or particleboard? Environmental and baby's health issues aside (as if I'd want to put them aside — I don't, but apparently furniture manufacturers do), these items actually trigger MY allergies: headache, sore throat. Why oh why is it so hard to find stuff made of real wood?

I've put Scott on high-chair selection duty, as he was feeling a little left out of the whole process lately. It's not easy being married to a perfectionist obsessive like me. What? You want to touch the keyboard and SCROLL? But I've already looked at those! (Shove, grunt.) You want THAT one? Have you even read the reviews???

Registry goes existential: Do we really need a pack-and-play? A sleep wedge? Three kinds of baby-carriers? How did my mother raise me without all this STUFF?

There's also the weird feeling of doing all this preparation and yet not knowing the final outcome of this pregnancy. I guess one might call that a normal amount of optimism, acting as if it's all going to be fine. In my religious tradition, which is rife with superstitions and folk-wisdom-based laws, one is not supposed to kit out the baby until after it is born. One Jewish woman in my prenatal swim classis not having any of her items shipped until after the birth. Another is waiting until 36 weeks because at least then if the baby had to be forcibly removed from her body, it would still be quite viable; thus tempering tradition with modern medical scientific data.