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The Shower We Missed

I forgot to mention when I wrote earlier that our moms went ahead and had the baby shower without us. After all, by the time Emily and I were in the car on the way to ER, the party was starting in just about an hour. The guests were already on their way and the food was all catered. They opened the gifts, ate the cake, and took pictures. We saw the photos the next day, and it looked like it was a good time! But the pics were bizarre to flip through; maybe the trip to the hospital had all been a dream and I was really there, hidden by the piles of gifts.

My sister brought a few of the presents to the hopital, and Emily and I opened them together in our own mini shower. But at that point, I wasn't allowed to eat anything (you're generally not allowed to eat for the first 24 hours after admission), and I became fixated on the cake they served at the shower. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I mentioned my desire for cake to every nurse, doctor, and relative who came in the room. Cake, cake, cake, just give me cake, my inner Marie Antionette was saying. When I finally got the go-ahead to eat, I downed a huge brick of chocolate cake with an inch worth of frosting. Mmm.