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Telling the In-laws

This past weekend we went to the Hamptons with my husband's family, and we decided it would be a good time to tell them about the pregnancy — since we'd all be together. We didn't flat out tell them though. Instead, we told them that we wanted to show them photos from our trip to the Pacific Northwest last month. So while we were out to dinner, they politely looked through the photos and passed them around, and then the last one was a photo we'd taken of two positive pregnancy tests.

pregnancy tests positive

My mother-in-law stared and stared at that photo, not knowing what she was looking at.

"Clear...Blue," she said slowly. "What is this?"

I was about to tell her to pass the photo to her daughter, who would surely recognize the pregnancy tests, but just then my mother-in-law finally looked up at us with a SHOCKED expression on her face. My husband and I nodded and smiled to confirm.

She, my father-in-law, and my husband's sister and brother-in-law were all thrilled, which felt really good. (And then we swore them to secrecy until we reach the 2nd trimester.) At the end of our dinner they ordered a surprise round of champagne for everyone — except me.