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The uninvited: Do you get left out because you're pregnant?

Want to know what I hate? When people assume you don’t want to do things because you’re pregnant…so they don’t even bother inviting you. I know there are some pregnant ladies who would rather stay home with their feet up, but not this pregnant lady. Perhaps that’s because being home means I’m running around after a crazy almost-two-year-old. This morning, I had to chase him down and pry a screwdriver from his hand (the kid knows how to open everything, including Nick’s toolbox which was in the closet). Alex is the most incredible little man in the world and he makes my heart melt on a daily basis (like when he says “I love you Mommy” out of the blue -- swoon!), but I am a mother who is not afraid to admit that I like a break from my child.

Alex trying to give me a chocolate kiss. (He did not succeed…I’m still bigger!)

I also work from home. I’m a freelance magazine writer and while I work for amazing publications -- Glamour, Redbook, Modern Bride, Real Simple, Parenting! -- I do it without coworkers, without makeup, and sometimes without a bra. This means I am pretty much here all the time. And I get lonely, so when I get invited to leave my house, I am very excited. And I rarely say no. (And I do wear a bra….) So please, don’t assume that I won’t come because I’m pregnant. Last weekend I went out Friday and Saturday nights and even stayed up past 11 p.m. So there!

OK, anyone else have this problem? Got any good plans for the weekend? I’m hoping someone will read this and invite me somewhere! Enjoy and I’ll talk to you on Monday.

A shot of Alex, in a rare still moment at the beach

OK, one more! In the kiddie pool on our recent trip to Michigan (he spent
most of his time under the water…he’s a fish!).