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We Did It! Now to Keeping Our Marriage Strong

In our nearly five and a half years of marriage we've traveled to several different states, been on two cruises, one trip to the Caribbean, and lived in four different cities. None of which will have the same meaning to us as our "last hurrah" before our baby arrives.

It wasn't anything extravagant. It wasn't the Bahamas, or even anywhere out of state. In fact we just drove a couple of hours to San Antonio for our little Babymoon but we still had a blast.



On our way we stopped at some outlet malls -- one of our favorite spots -- and did a little shopping. I couldn't help myself, and bought something for our baby girl, while my husband debated over getting some special edition basketball shoes. I convinced him to get the shoes. This was one of the last times for a long time we'd be splurging on ourselves without thinking about the cost of diapers and other baby expenses.

We visited the famous River Walk in San Antonio, and went on a little boat ride and tour around the river.



We went to dinner and finally visited The Alamo.



I made a conscious effort to not bring up baby conversation and just to enjoy "us time." I think I did commendably.

I still can't wrap my brain around that fact that I'm going to have a child of my own next month. Next month my world is going to change. I can't imagine being a mother yet I know in a couple of months my memories of pre-motherhood will be hazy.

It's difficult for me to picture our relationship as a couple being different. We spend every evening together now, often watching our scheduled TV shows, or staying up late in bed, laughing as we read our friend's Facebook updates.

I worry a little about sharing my husband with our little girl. I know that sounds so bad, but he's such a softy and he was hoping for a little daughter from the day we found out we were expecting. He even bought her a set of Fisher Price golf clubs for Easter even though she won't get to use them correctly for a couple of years.

Soon, our time will be split more between house and baby duties and less between each other. Children have a power to bring strong couples closer together and push more fragile couples apart. I foresee our daughter bringing us closer but I know building upon our relationship is still important.

I've heard date nights are crucial for couples and I hope we can find a way to still get out alone together maybe once a month. What are things you do to keep your relationship strong after kids?

Our world is about to change, for the better, but I'm going to relish these last 7 or so weeks of having my wonderful husband all to myself.



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