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We’re Having a Girl!

My 20-week sonogram was yesterday and we found out the baby-to-be is a girl. We’re really excited, especially since we also saw that the non-gender-related parts are looking good too. Phew! I find those big sonograms nerve-wracking, especially when there’s a big reveal at the end -- and especially when you’re at the mercy of a totally humorless/emotionless technician.

I tend to make jokes when I’m feeling uncomfortable (e.g., when I’m lying on a table seeing my baby’s parts flash on a screen and praying they are normal when they look anything but) and this woman wouldn’t budge. She didn’t even crack a smile. She was pretty good at telling us that things looked healthy (with Alex, I once had a technician who didn’t say a single word the entire time…even when Nick asked, “Is that the head?” Weird). But the tone she set in the room was bizarre.


The technician: “Here’s the femur.”
Me (joking around, but kind of serious because I hope the kid has two legs): “Cool. There should be another one in there too, right?”
The technician (staring at me like she was pissed and in complete monotone): “I can only do one at a time.”

It gets better. After we were all through with the important stuff, we asked about the sex.

The technician (showing zero emotion): “It looks like it’s a girl.
Me: “Wow, so there’s no penis, huh?”
The technician (again with the pissy tone): “I said it’s a girl.”
Me: “Oh, right. Cool, thanks.”

Awkward. Fortunately when the doctor came in to chat, he was way more upbeat and animated and made us all feel a lot more comfortable. And made us feel like we had something to celebrate…which we did with a huge lunch on the water complete with rice pudding for dessert. Yum! So anyway, I’m having a girl. Yipes! I guess this gives us a lot more to talk about on the blog….

Have a great weekend!

P.S., after the appointment Nick overheard the technician bitching someone out because she left her purse in the wrong place. Guess she was having a bad day!