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Welcome to the Third Trimester

Help. I'm tired and I can't nap. I tried. Ended up watching TV. Does that count?

I got a whole hour and a half of work done today so far. And that's not counting all the work it took to take my blood sugar reading this morning. Go me!

As I type, I'm listening to classical music — for the boy. He's kicking along, just above my pelvic bone. Or clapping his hands. Or pecking with his nose. I don't know, since I can't discern one body part from another at this point.

I should listen to the same piece of music every day, and read him the same book. These things will calm him later because he will recognize them from his in-utero experience. Problem is I can't stand the thought of listening to or reading the same anything (unless it's the only CD in the player and I'm too lazy to get out another one). Perhaps what he will find soothing later is a repetition of the disorder he is experiencing now. Hah!

(Yes, yes, once he comes out, he'll demand all sorts of repetition. Of course at that point, I'll oblige him. Added bonus: I'll have a visible audience. That should help.)

The sun is up, the sky is blue, there's a funny smell coming from the trashcan, wafting into my office from the kitchen.

I now consider funny smells good practice.

I will have to get more work done later. I will get more work done later. I will I will I will... What was I saying?

There's a pile of papers on my desk that I really should file. I mean — we went to all the trouble of putting a file cabinet in my office. Seems like a good idea. It's a nice pile, stylishly rakish in angle. It's managed to make the move from old office to new without falling apart and scattering all over the floor, mostly.

With the back door open, I can hear the rustling of the leaves in the garden, and the screams of the children at the grammar school three blocks away. I'm going to have one of those???

My new office is a pale light green — a color I chose at the eco-paint store, a me color, something to liven up the former sunroom/husband's office. The nursery (a.k.a. my old office) was blue. We needed to touch up the bits that needed touching so we took the formula for the original color to the eco-paint store for them to mix up a new batch. Turns out, it's light green too. Not my original plan. Two green rooms. But the nursery looks nice nonetheless.

I need a nap. Did I mention that?