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What Are the Things Only First-Time Moms Buy?

I know there will be times where I'll be seen as "That Mom." When I dress my infant up in tutus for our trip to the local grocery store. Or when I make sure my daughter, our dog and I are all coordinating when we go to the park. I'll be "that mom" who will buy a new outfit at the store we're at if she has a blowout in the one she's in, but I'll also buy a bag a wipes to wipe the crustiness off her nose to avoid touching it with my bare hands if I'm caught without a tissue.

I've already become the mom who's bought too many clothes for her, clothes she'll grow out of in months, and socks we’ll most likely loose on every trip. But I'm still not done with my shopping list and I'm beginning to wonder if there are things I can just save myself from buying.

I don't need any more things that scream "first time mom." You know, things like those shopping cart covers or sleep positioners. Or are those things really cool?

I have yet to buy bibs, a night light, a humidifier/ vaporizer, an infant bath tub, stroller toys, or a high chair. One might think "oh, wait until your baby shower, you'll get so much stuff then." But I had my baby shower, and I'm not having another, so I'm down to the wire on figuring out what's necessary, and what's going to end up being one of those things I'm staring at a year after she's born, still in the box, wondering why in the world I spent the money on something that's collecting dust.

I guess trial and error is the only way to know if I'm really going to use something. Luckily I've bought things like bottle sanitizers and warmers at consignment sales, so I haven't felt too bad about buying those things I could've otherwise spend a fortune on.

I don't have a wipes warmer and I've heard some debate if they're really necessary. Some say it's a life saver while others argue it's a fire hazard. I don't think I'll get one unless it's from a friend or $4 at a consignment sale.

Know of other things you bought but didn't need to? You can do me a favor and save me some dough by letting me know! Are those shopping cart covers really all that?

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