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What a girl wants

Valentine’s Day is not even half over and my day is already complete. My husband and I have plans to go to dinner tonight—much needed plans, by the way, since lately our lives have consisted of hanging around the apartment with me on the couch with a heating pad—so I was already happy that we were going to have an official date. But I just got a lovely bouquet of tulips from him delivered to my desk with a card telling me that I’m beautiful (and several other sweet things). I can’t express how nice it is to hear that someone finds me appealing and loveable while I’m the largest I’ve ever been in my life, and probably the grumpiest too. Now that is what a pregnant woman wants to hear. Of course it made me quite teary—with joy, though, this time, so it’s okay. And fortunately, I tucked a Valentine’s Day card in his bag so that he’d find it at the office and feel loved today too.
Even if you think Valentine’s Day is cheesy or commercial, I hope you get to share that lovin’ feeling with someone today—it definitely made me feel better.