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What is it With Husbands Hating Picture Days?

I've been excited to take maternity photos since before I was even pregnant. I've always thought there was something so empowering about a woman proud to show off her pregnant belly.



It took me a while to find a maternity photographer. My husband said he would take photos for me, to that I said "HA!" No way. He whines when I have him snap a photo for me for my blog or Facebook, then half the time it comes out blurry. Sure, we invested in a nice camera recently, but that doesn't mean the person behind it knows how to work it. So we decided to find a compromise; I find a photographer who isn't too expensive, and I get some professionally done.

Timing was something else I was worried about. I've had people tell me they went into labor days before their shoot was scheduled. There was no way I was going to let that happen. Even if that meant we were doing a shoot between contractions outside the hospital, I was getting some belly photos by golly!



Finding one who could work with my schedule and with our extremely tight budget wasn't easy. I actually found my photographer by chance… In fact, she found me! Tara had recently moved to Texas from Utah, where my husband and I lived before here, and we share some mutual friends.

Funny enough she found my blog and we connected that way. After doing a little virtual stalking myself, I learned she was a photographer, and a VERY affordable one at that.

The first set of photos we took (yes, we did more than one round!) was a blast, just her and I in her makeshift studio. She asked if I wanted my husband in some of the other photos and I knew the answer would be complicated.

Would I like him to be in some photos -- Sure! Would HE like to be in them? Not so much.

What is it with husbands and their distaste for photos? Even when we're just out with friends and we get a quick picture snapped to remember the moment, I'll later preview the photo and see his almost-grimace in the photo.

"Can't you smile?" I'll ask him. He'll complain about the way he looks but I tell him if only he'd actually SMILE, maybe he'd like his pictures more.

It's pretty much been the same story with every photo shoot we've done together. Engagements weren't such a fight. Maybe because we were still dating and oh so excited to be getting married. But after that, mini photo shoots with friends, pictures for Christmas cards, whatever it is, it's like pulling teeth to get cooperation!

When it came time to take these photos I had to be a little sneaky. That morning I told him I needed him to take some pictures for me that afternoon. He agreed without any hesitation. It took me a second to realize that was because he didn't think he'd be in them. I dropped that bomb a little later in the day and yes, he whined up until our appointment, and begged to sit in the car after he was done with his part. His aversion toward family photos may have grown but I must say he did a good job this time, and I'm very happy with how these turned out!






I can't wait to frame and put them in an album!



My husband wasn't head over heels in love with the pictures like I am, but hey, I can't win all the battles. I'm trying to go easy on him for the next little bit because soon after our daughter is born, you'd better believe we're taking some family photos every season.



I've heard some husband's get better with pictures after a baby joins the family cause they get all soft and stuff. I'm hopeful, but doubtful.



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