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What’s in your pregnancy/motherhood survival kit? (Mine is currently lacking wine…)

This is the facebook status I posted yesterday at around 6 p.m.:


Erin Zammett Ruddy I just got home from a super long day of meetings in the city and so far Alex has already smacked me and bitten me and fallen off a table he decided to climb. This is when the whole no-drinking-when-you're-pregnant thing really sucks....


I got a ton of comments from mom friends who all seemed to agree that sometimes things are just HARD. And sometimes your kid abuses you. And sometimes being pregnant makes all of that nearly impossible to deal with. The truth is, last night I don’t even think a glass of wine would have helped. It might have required a dirty martini or two….


Then this morning I read my friend Sarah’s blog (she’s also the Vitamin G blogger at and she posted an awesome list of survival tools for motherhood. I wanted to share it with you and ask what’s on your pregnancy/motherhood must-have list.


A few survival tools for me this pregnancy:


A really good New York bagel. With Temptee cheese (not the bagel store cream cheese). Nick is out getting me one now and I know it’s going to make me happy.


Maternity tights. I hate wearing pants while pregnant and I have a ton of cute dresses that will transition nicely to fall with some opaque tights under them!


A juicy book. To help me fall asleep at night, to pass the time waiting to see doctors, etc. Embarrassing confession: I am about to finish the fourth Twilight book and I have LOVED reading the whole series. I need to find something new stat (preferably a slightly more challenging read to cleanse the palette so to speak….)


OK, what helps you survive?