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When You're Pregnant, Does Size Matter?

I was out to dinner at a trendy restaurant/bar in my hometown this past weekend (Lindsay Lohan’s dad was there…weird!) and I ran into a girl I haven’t seen since high school. I was walking by her table and she shouted, “Erin! Hi!” When I came over and gave her a hug, she looked me up and down and said, “What are you like 9 months pregnant?!” Um, no, beotch, I’m not. I’m not even five months pregnant, actually. Gheesh!

I guess my belly is kind of big considering I’m not due until January (and it gets bigger after I eat, that’s for sure…) but why do those comments bother me so much? It’s my second, so of course I popped sooner and I’m pregnant, I should have a belly. I’m also 5’10’’ and not exactly petite when I’m sans child. And yet it still irks me when people feel the need to state the obvious: There is something other than Cheetohs and everything bagels in my belly. When I was pregnant with Alex I was due on September 2 but I always told people “end of August” because it seemed to justify how big I was. What’s my problem? So I look pregnant. So what?

Of course there’s a flip side to all of this, which is people saying you look tiny. A friend recently told me that everyone got all concerned when she told them her due date because they never thought she looked big enough. I guess you can’t win.

How about you? Do you/did you mind when people comment on the size of your belly? What’s the worst/craziest/most annoying sizest comment you’ve ever gotten?

This is what 9 months pregnant looks like,
btw. (I gave birth to Alex a few hours after
this shot was taken.)