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Why My Husband Is the Greatest Guy on Earth

Short answer: He puts up with me.

Longer answer:

Exhibit (A)

Last week I mentioned my concern that leaving the plastic bottles of mineral water in the back of the truck in hot weather meant that the bottles were heating up and leaching toxins. A few days later I opened the fridge to find three large GLASS bottles of mineral water.  (This is no small thing, given how the added weight of the glass has to be hauled up our three flights of stairs.)


Exhibit (B)

Yesterday morning, I woke up in a MOOD. Complaining about all sorts of people and things. Complaining about having given up my "drug" that used to help me feel better in these situations: the gigantic morning cup of strong black tea with milk and honey that I lived for every day until five months ago. Worrying that my dark feelings were a sign of depression; that I should be on medication (a nice trick that would be, considering I don't even drink caffeine while pregnant.)

At first he was concerned. Maybe I am depressed. Maybe he needs to send me back to the factory.

Then he said: "You're going to hate me for this, but... List five things that are great about your life."

Normally, when he suggests this self-helpy gratitude-listy kind of thing, I snort, argue, bite his head off. But for some reason, this time I acquiesced.

1) I have a loving husband who supports me in everything that I do
2) I live in a beautiful sunny house in a beautiful neighborhood
3) I got pregnant really easily
4) I'm blogging
5) I'm a great cook

We were having this conversation on our way to the Farmers' Market where we proceeded to buy all sorts of gorgeous produce and hormone-free naturally raised meats.

We came home and I set about cooking the pork roast, pickling the turnips, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry.

That evening, around five-ish, Scott said to me: "Ever since the Farmers' Market today, you've been completely fine."

He was right. My mood had turned moments after he made me make that gratitude list, and I'd been so content, I hadn't even noticed.

So, 6) My husband reminds me to be grateful.