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Working out and pregnancy: Is 27 weeks too late to start exercising?

I found out I was pregnant on May 1 and since then I think I have worked out maybe three times. The first trimester I was just too tired and nauseated (and busy eating Cheetohs and bagels to combat said nausea) and then all summer I was too slammed with work and now, well, now I’m just lazy. I didn’t work out a lot with Alex but I did walk a lot more than I walk now (I lived in NYC, I had no choice!) and I just felt…better. So far I’ve gained the exact amount of weight that I gained with Alex at this point but the problem is my back. It hurts like hell.


I have a herniated disc, which causes sciatica and when I’m not pregnant I work out regularly and stretch and generally have no problems. But now on top of being 27 weeks pregnant, I am constantly lifting a 30-pound kid who likes to do backflips out of my arms. Oh and I sit in an uncomfortable chair in front of a computer for much of the day. Ouch. And while there certainly isn’t a whole lot of relaxing going on in my life (like there was when I was pregnant with Alex), I just don’t think that the old “chasing-a-toddler-around” workout regime is cutting it. So, I’m thinking I need to start walking again. And, more importantly, stretching afterward. We have a treadmill with a TV in front of it so I really have no excuse…and yet I know I’ll find one.


How about you guys? Did you/do you work out when you’re pregnant? Did it help? Any tips for getting my ass in gear?