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Adding Zoom to Your iPhone For Those Close-Up Kid Shots

Eye Scope

There must be some kind of gene embedded into our DNA to condition us to take close-up photos of our babies’ appendages whenever they are sleeping. The tiny padded soles of their feet, the newborn grasp around a daddy’s finger, even close-ups of the soft downy hair on their faces all elicit a big collective awww and may even make some of us long for those newborn days of bliss. (Somehow we so quickly forget about all the other hard stuff.) 

When my kids were newborns, I remember whipping out the digital SLR, zooming in with the big lens, trying to get the right light, having to upload the photos from the digital card…it was certainly a process. If only I had my iPhone back then. The digital imagery and quality of the camera on the iPhone, the 4 in particular, may not be professional quality, but is certainly goes beyond being good enough. And as good as it is, there is a product I came across at the Toy Fair that adds yet another dimension of photo-taking fun to the mix.  

The Firebox Eye Scope is a zoom lens that you can attach to the iPhone itself. It comes with a case that snaps onto the back of the phone and the lens simply screws into the case for into zooming ability. The kit comes with a little tripod if you really want to get serious, but the lens offers an 8x zoom while still retaining high picture quality. It’s an amazing little accessory to enhance your photography skills. 

Put the Eye Scope on and throw in a couple awesome photo improvement apps like Camera+ for editing and effects, or Night Camera to maximize on low light conditions (for when you’re trying to get that shot by the night light) to get the best foot shot you’ve ever taken.


The Firebox Eye Scope is sold on for £29.99, or approximately $48 (excluding shipping and handling) and is available for the iPhone 3/3GS and 4.

The Camera+ and Night Camera apps are available in iTunes for $0.99 each. 



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