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Artsonia Makes Kids the Stars of Their Own Digital Art Galleries


If you have young children, it’s likely that your house is overrun with artwork. Whether it’s completely covering your fridge or hanging on display, our kids’ construction paper masterpieces are worth showing off. Instead of only being able to brag about your child’s impressive color choices or expressive brushstrokes anytime someone comes to your house, imagine having a virtual digital art gallery that you could share with loved ones near and far.   

Your budding Picasso can now be the star of his or her own gallery of artwork on Artsonia, “the world’s largest kids’ art museum.” You simply register for a free account and are then able to add your kids’ crayon and macaroni-inspired pieces either by taking a digital picture or scanning them and uploading to their personalized gallery. You can invite family and friends to become part of your child’s gallery “fan club” and they are automatically updated whenever a new piece of artwork is added. They can also comment on each piece and provide positive feedback to your artist. 

What’s even cooler is that your child’s artwork can also be proudly emblazoned onto any item on the site’s gift shop, including t-shirts, mugs, calendars, stickers, decorative boxes, postcards and much more. Artsonia is also a popular choice for teachers who want to display artwork for their entire class.

Now, that beautiful picture your daughter drew of you can get the acclaim and attention it deserves.




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