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Disneynature Brings "African Cats" to the Big Screen on Earth Day

African Cats

In celebration of Earth Day today, Disneynature is releasing its third nature documentary entitled, “African Cats.” This feature film tells the story of two animal families in the wild – a family of cheetahs led by matriarch Sita, a family of lions with Fang at its helm, and of course, there’s an adorable cub named Mara thrown into the mix as well. Dubbed as a real-life version of “The Lion King,” this movie is all about survival of the fittest in the harsh conditions of the African savannah. 

What makes this movie release relevant for Earth Day is the partnership between Disneynature and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). A portion of every ticket purchased during the film’s opening week (April 22-28), will be donated to the AWF to preserve the natural habitat for African cats and other wildlife. 

The release of this movie marks the third consecutive Earth Day release from Disneynature, with “Earth” premiering on Earth Day in 2009 and “Oceans” making its debut last year on Earth Day. 

Here’s the official movie trailer for “African Cats.”


Not only will this movie be a great opportunity for families to enjoy screen time together and contribute to a very important cause, but can also open a larger discussion with your kids on what little things we can all do to help preserve the environment.

Happy Earth Day!


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