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FindTheBest Does the Comparison Shopping for You


In our time-crunched lives as moms, the last thing we want to do is spend hours upon hours wading through the mass of information on the Internet when all we want to know is which car seat has the best safety ratings.

Luckily, a newly launched website called FindTheBest can do the work for you. It provides unbiased rankings and comparisons of a huge range of topics and acts as a data aggregate, pulling from reliable sources such as government ratings (where applicable) and expert researchers. There are nine broad categories, Arts and EntertainmentBusiness and Economy, Education, Health, Reference, ScienceSocietySports and Recreation and Technology, and within these umbrella themes, there is a huge variety of sub-topics, or “apps” as they call them, that you can search through.

Although there isn’t a dedicated kids and baby section yet (hint, hint, FindTheBest developers!), I found the following comparisons that are useful for fellow moms: 

Car Seats: 


Digital Cameras:

Video Games:


Popular Baby Names:

Anti-Virus Software:

Fuel-Efficient Cars:

Amusement Parks: 

Oddly, the baby car seat comparison chart does not include pricing which is an anomaly since filtering by price is an option on so many of the other topics. The site launched at the end of 2010 and is still in beta, so I'm hoping to see more organization and focused categories as time progresses. But, if you wade through the site, you’ll find many more comparisons (everything from breakfast cereals to smartphones) that are of interest.

Anything that saves us time and also provides valuable information is definitely worth a bookmark.  

**3/29/11: UPDATE

A company representative just informed me that pricing is now available on the car seat comparison chart, making the task of sorting through the myriad options that much easier. In addition, FindTheBest recently created an app for Nanny/Babysitting Agencies





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