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GeoPalz Motivates Kids to Get Off their Keisters


Technology usually gets a bad rap for encouraging inactivity and laziness with kids, but I recently found a product that turns the tables around and instead uses technology to motivate kids to get up, get out and get active. 

GeoPalz is a cute “activity tracker” (aka pedometer) that comes in different kid-friendly designs to monitor activity levels and keep count of steps that a kid takes each day. The tracker clips directly onto your child’s waistband and immediately starts logging steps with each bouncy kid movement that it detects.

In addition to sporting cool pedometers that peers will ooh and aah at, kids (or their parents) can also register for an account on the site and keep a log of cumulative activity. When certain levels of points have been achieved, kids can redeem them to win prizes such as water bottles, balls, jump ropes and achievement certificates.   

GeoPalz trackers are available directly from the site (for $19.99), at select toy stores around the U.S. and at all REI stores.




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