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‘Go The F**k to Sleep’ Bestseller Started as a Facebook Status Update

Go The F*ck to Sleep

There isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t know the frustration and angst that a sleep-averse kid can cause at bedtime. There are just those moments when you want to call in the Super Nanny (or the National Guard) and take over so you can get a respite from the sleep-time standoff. 

Adam Mansbach, a father once engaged in bedtime battle with his toddler daughter, took his frustration out on Facebook and posted an innocent status update, “Look out for my forthcoming children’s book, ‘Go the F**k to Sleep.’ Little did he know that the one simple sentence would soon catapult him to overnight fame as the author of the No. 1 best-selling book on (and it hasn't even been published yet!). 

According to MSNBC, Mansbach posted the status update and was soon inspired to write a full-fledged book, primarily from the response from his Facebook friends. He banged out a couple verses of brilliance that any parent can overwhelmingly relate to, like these:  


The windows are dark in the town, child.

The whales huddle down in the deep.

I'll read you one very last book if you swear

You'll go the f**k to sleep. 

The cats nestle close to their kittens now. 

The lambs have laid down with the sheep. 

You're cozy and warm in your bed, my dear

Please go the f**k to sleep.


This book has caught on like wildfire and it's likely that many of your Facebook friends already posted a link about it on their walls. It's the viral nature and the way it has resonated with sleep-deprived parents everywhere that has contributed to the 'Go the F**k to Sleep' frenzy. 

I doubt that Mansbach in his wildest dreams ever imagined that a simple Facebook status update would result in instant fame and a sensation among parents everywhere. Although he was already a published author and has contacts in the industry, it’s amazing to think what a little Facebook status update, a little luck and a very stubborn toddler can do. 







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