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Headphones to Protect Kids’ Ears and Yours

It’s National Music Week and a perfect time to acknowledge the huge role that music plays in our lives and that of our kids. Any kind of music is worth appreciating to the ears that it appeals to, but if you don’t consider your kids’ choices music to your ears, or you’d rather not listen to “Where’s the map, where’s the map, where’s the map?” constantly from the Dora DVD that’s playing in the car, it’s time to invest in some good headphones for your kids. 

Here are a few options: 


iFrogz CS40s 

These iFrogz headphones are great for kids and adults alike. The sound quality is incredible and what’s even better is how comfortable they are. The ear cushions are padded very nicely and provide a nice snug fit around your ears so that the sound is channeled directly into your ears without extraneous noise, preventing kids from having to turn the volume up extremely high. These also come in a wide array of colors to suit any kid’s preference. ($39.99)




Kidz Gear Wired/Wireless Headphones 

Kidz Gear offers kid-specific headphones that come in both wired and wireless models. Both versions work very well and provide excellent sound quality that will make Dora’s voice sound so clear and crisp. There is volume control on the wire of the wired version to provide even more customization for each user and they’re really comfortable as well. The wireless headphones are great to have for the DVD player on those long car rides. ($19.99 for wired/$25.99 for wireless)




Califone Animal-Themed Headphones 

These adorable headphones are geared more towards younger users and feature cute animal designs including panda, bear and tiger. They are designed to reduce ambient noise and the need to increase the volume, protecting little ones’ ears. The cushioned pads are also replaceable for longer-term use. ($18)




Gummy Ear Buds 

For a more whimsical option, check out these Gummy Ear Buds that your kids will get a kick out of – they’re scented too! The sound quality is not as good as the more dedicated headphones listed above and ear buds may not stay in some kids’ ears, but they’re a less bulky alternative for your kids to listen to their multimedia. They do look like really gummy bears, so just make sure that you keep them out of reach of younger kids. ($9.99)



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