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The InnoPad, VTech’s iPad Equivalent for Kids

VTech InnoPad

The final product rounding out this week's Toy Fair coverage is one that will surely be on kids’ wish lists this holiday season. Following the huge tablet trend that has been creating waves in the tech world, VTech is starting what it hopes will be another trend in the toy industry with the introduction of the InnoPad, a touch tablet for kids. 

The InnoPad tablet is the latest addition to the highly popular and educational toys in VTech’s expanding product line. Aimed for kids ages 4-9, this is an actual touch screen that has a lot of features you’d find on your own tablet, including the ability to download music, photo editing, animated books and apps, yes, apps! 

The tablet has a bright 5” screen and comes in a sturdy design for small hands to maneuver. There are features such as a microphone, SD card slot, headphone jack, even a USB port (hey, the iPad doesn’t even have that!) for easy hardware plug-in functionality. You can download content onto the SD card with content from VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator and can also connect to a Mac/PC to download your kids’ beautiful artwork creations to save or print. 

Similar to other VTech toys, the InnoPad will be compatible with cartridges, each containing e-books, games, drawing/art and other interactive activities - these will be sold separately. VTech informed me that there will be nine licensed titles available at the product launch: Disney/Pixar Cars 2, Disney Fairies, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Penguins of Madagascar, Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob SquarePants and Disney/Pixar Toy Story. 

Once kids catch wind of this product (if they haven’t already), they’ll be itching to get their hands on one. But, they’ll have to wait. VTech isn’t launching the InnoPad until this fall. Maybe once your kids have their own tablets, they’ll stop asking to use yours. That alone may be worth the wait. 


The VTech InnoPad will cost $79.99 when launched this Fall 2011 and cartridges will be sold separately for $24.99 each. All products will be available at, Target, Toys R’ Us and Walmart.





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