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Making Your iPhone Even More Toddler-Friendly


The Toy Fair was great and featured a lot of new and innovative products. There weren’t as many electronic products and tech toys geared towards kids as I expected, but I can only imagine that will continue to change in years to come. Now, onto some good finds from this year’s show. First up, making your iPhone more toddler-friendly…as if it’s not friendly enough, right? 

You've succumbed to your toddler's wiles and have decided that iPhone time is OK – in moderation, of course. Yet, a $300 device in the hands of a sticky-fingered and drooly toddler, can give you pause for thought. If you want the extra security of a hard case and also make it easier for your kid to hold and play with the device securely, check out Fisher-Price's recently announced Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case. 

It has brightly colored handles and even includes rattles on the side to appeal even more to the tot crowd, enabling them to tap and swipe, yet preventing them from getting at the home button (for another home button detractor, see a previous post on BubCaps). There is also a mirror on the backside if they should ever get bored of those animated characters and prefer making their own funny faces. 

To complement the use of the device, Fisher-Price also recently announced three new free apps geared towards young ones: Where’s Puppy’s Nose, Let’s Count Animals and Animal Sounds. With the vibrant handles and equally vibrant apps, there will be limitless entertainment for your little tike.   

Speaking of little tikes, another great toddler-aged app is one that Little Tikes just released called Little Tikes Mobile Land. This is geared for kids a little bit older, ages three and up, and is a very cute “driving” game where the child is responsible for steering and maneuvering the iconic red and yellow coupe around town to collect numbers and letters. Kids will enjoy tilting and moving the iPhone to make the car go where is desired and the handles on the Fisher-Price holder are a perfect complement to give it that steering wheel feel.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case will be available this July for $14.99 at retailers across the country. 

All apps listed above are for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and are available for free at iTunes.




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