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Nintendo Drops Price of Wii Console by $50

Nintendo Wii

If you’ve been waffling over getting a Wii console for your house, you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo will drop the price of this popular gaming system from $199.99 to $149.99, taking effect May 15th. The newly-priced model (in black or white) will come with the standard Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller, but will also be bundled with the Mario Kart game and Wii wheel  accessory, a change from the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games it previously came with.

And Wii isn’t just for kids either. Don’t forget about Wii Fit and all the fantastic games and exercise routines that moms, dads and kids can enjoy. A favorite in our house is Just Dance Kids – be forewarned that all of the songs are either kid-focused (Pop Goes the Weasel, When the Saints) or are “hit” songs (Who Let the Dogs Out, Macarena) that still have the kid-song feel to them. My kids love it though and it’s adorable to watch them mimic all the slick dance moves. If the Kids game sounds painful, there’s always the regular Just Dance version.

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