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Screen Play App of the Week: CardStar



Works on: iOS, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry devices

Cost: FREE

For: People who want to better organize their multiple loyalty card accounts


Seems nowadays that every single retail store offers a loyalty program – everywhere from grocery stores to sporting goods stores, even chain restaurants are jumping on the loyalty bandwagon. I am a member of several myself and all the little plastic cards are starting to add serious bulk to my keychain. Heft aside, it's also cumbersome at the grocery store trying to shuffle through all the cards on the key ring or search through your wallet to find the right one.

CardStar is a very handy mobile app that keeps all your loyalty card data in one place. It takes a few minutes to set up, but all you have to do is either manually input your card number or use the app’s nifty barcode scanner to automatically do it for you. Once you have all your information inputted, stores can scan your number directly from your phone so you can keep saving money – and free your keychain (and pockets) from the extra weight.




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