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Screen Play App of the Week: NameCatcher



Works on: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cost: $0.99

For: People who have trouble remembering names 


Are there people you see on a regular basis whose names you can never remember? Worse yet, when you run into someone at the grocery store and she calls out your name from across the produce section and in that split second you wrack your brain to think of hers, only to respond with, “Hey…you!” If that has happened to you more than once, it’s time to add NameCatcher to your arsenal of apps. 

NameCatcher is an app that helps you organize and input all the names you need to remember in your life. It comes with pre-determined categories like Around Town, Medical, Restaurant, School, Sports and others that you can designate to each new entry. There are also extras to help jog that memory like including a photo; recording a voice message (“Joe. Jennifer’s dad. Blue-striped shirt. Soccer game.”); and even a GPS function that lets you pinpoint a location to a specific contact. 

With this app, you’ll never get caught off-guard at the grocery store, or anywhere else, again.





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