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Shield Your Baby Bump from Radiation


While the latest research supported by the Federal Communications Commission finds there's no definitive link between the radiation emitted by cell phones, laptops and tablets and an increased risk of cancer, scientists on the flip side argue the risk is real. While scientists hash out the particulars, you can err on the side of caution by following these guidelines designed to shield your body (and the new life you're carrying) from cell phone radiation.

  • Use a headset with your mobile phone. Going hands-free significantly minimizes your exposure to radiation.
  • Keep your cell in your purse, not your pocket. Even when not in use, your phone can emit radiation. (If you must wear your phone on your belt, turn the keypad to face your body because the antenna is on the back.)
  • We know it's called a laptop, but don't use your lap to support it. Your body will absorb less radiation if the laptop is on a desk and you use a mouse. You can also shield your tummy with Belly Armor products. The blankets, T-shirts and belly bands reportedly help neutralize everyday radiation. (starting at $60;
  • Minimize exposure by not sleeping with your mobile phone on you or next to the bed.

Written by Kim Hays. A version of this post was originally published in the May 2011 issue of Babytalk.