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Talkatoo Does the Talking For You When You’re Not There


You’d like to think that the sweet little notes you leave for your child in his lunchbox are read and treasured, but it’s likely that they are cast aside as quickly as the celery stalks are. If you want a fun way to send your kid a message or want to make sure they remember to do something (kids tend to forget things), then throw that pen and paper away and upgrade to something a little more high-tech. 

Talkatoo is a clever digital device that lets you record up to 30-second-long messages for your child. It comes in charm form (as either a necklace or clip) and has an incredibly simple design with two buttons, play and record, so any child aged three and older can use it. There is a safety lock on it, preventing your message from getting erased, and allowing your kid to listen to your words of wisdom over and over again. 

Talkatoo’s inventor, Sheila Ann Wright, thought of the idea after her kids experienced tearful goodbyes at school drop-offs and she wanted to give them a way to hear her reassuring voice. Whether you want them to hear a simple and heartfelt “I love you” or an equally simple and heartfelt “don’t pick your nose,” Talkatoo can do the talking for you. 

Talkatoos are $16.99 each and are available directly from the company’s website or at




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