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Tech for Tiny Tots – Interactive Websites for Babies

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Ah, the life of a baby. Spending hour after hour napping, being held, having every need immediately met, sucking on fingers, drooling and…playing on a computer? In this day and age, yes. Technology is now available to the tiniest of tots and their still-learning-to-focus eyes to feast on. Although many of these websites are classified as "interactive baby games,” those words must be used loosely since interaction in this case really just means pressing (or slamming) any key on the keyboard.  

Check out the following sites that are geared towards babies:  


KneeBouncers features interactive games with brightly-colored effects that will keep the little ones entranced. Created by two dads, KneeBouncers offers 21 games on the site that explore numbers, letters, shapes, sounds and more. Four of the games are free and access to the others requires a payment of $2.95/month or $19.95/year. You can take advantage of the current seven-day free trial offer to have access to the entire site and test out all the games. KneeBouncers also has an app for iOS and Android mobile users for $1.99 each.  

Kodomo Games 

Kodomo offers nine games for babies that are also activated by pressing any key. The activities are simply designed, but show brightly-colored graphics and play funny sounds to keep babies engaged. The games feature cute animals that need your child’s help to move, gather, jump, climb, etc. Although the youngins may not quite understand the concept behind each game, they will have fun watching the cause and effect with each button push. All the games at this site are free.

Fisher-Price Infant Games 

The free games on this interactive site feature adorable designs that complement popular lines from Fisher-Price, like Laugh & Learn and its Rainforest products. In addition to being visually stimulated with every push of a button, babies can learn things like animal sounds and names every time they press a key. And the tell-tale sign that these games are geared towards babies is that three of the games are pure and simple peek-a-boo. We all know how much babies LOVE that.

Baby First TV 

Dubbed as “the first site for little ones,” Baby First TV is a subscription-based service that offers a whole slew of content geared towards babies and toddlers. It is essentially an entire TV network for kids and features different channels that include videos, games, educational activities, music and more. There are eight games in the Nursery section for free. Additional games and access to all other channels are subscription-based and the cost is $3.99/month or $29.99/year.


Even the youngest of babies can take advantage of what technology has to offer – just watch the drool.





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