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Teens Asking Each Other to Prom Via Text? Say It Isn't So!

Valerie Fischel

If you have any teens in your life, or have visited any major clothing retail chain and seen the abundance of chiffon and satin in the dress section, you know that this is officially prom season. Simply recall to your own prom days of yore and reflect on the constant whispers on who was going to ask who. That gossip and speculation remains unchanged in high schools across America, but one huge difference is the way in which some teens are choosing to ask their dates to the prom…via text message. 

Yes, that’s right. textPlus, a mobile social messaging app, recently conducted a survey of 1,100+ teenagers (13-17) and found that 40 percent would consider asking their date to the prom via text. While only 17 percent have actually already been asked with a text message, a whopping 66 percent would accept if asked via this medium. And once the asking part is complete, 50 percent of teens also reported texting photos to their friends of different outfit choices. 

With half of teens sending 50+ texts a day (1,500 a month) and a third sending more than 100 texts a day (3,000 a month) according to Pew Research, it’s no wonder that this time-honored high school tradition is getting a 2.0 upgrade, but it doesn’t make it right. 

Along with the prom survey, textPlus even issued accompanying tips for asking a date to prom over text: 

  • Be sure to personalize your text when you ask - you don’t want it to seem like you sent a blast text to multiple potential dates.
  • If you don’t hear back within 24 hours after you’ve sent the text - pick up the phone and call.
  • Skip the text shortcuts - type out full, spellchecked words for this one….it’s important!
  • If you’re inarticulate, ask a witty friend to help you wordsmith it - that’s the beauty of text…you’re not on the spot.
  • Get creative with your cell phone camera - text a pic of yourself holding a sign saying “will you go to prom with me?”
  • And if you’re asked over text, be sure to respond within a few hours.

Don’t encourage the behavior! Whatever happened to face-to-face contact and the cute awkwardness of the one doing the asking? I anticipate (and dread) the moment when I hear about a marriage proposal via text. Especially if she accepts.




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