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For Those Moments You Want to Remember Forever

Flip Video

There are countless times each day as a parent when your children say or do something worth bragging about, laughing about, or preserving so you can embarrass them when they are older. Those special moments are worth capturing and recording in the annals as your life as a parent with the Flip SlideHD. This tiny, handheld video camera is a great diaper bag accessory and so easy-to-use that even the tech-illiterate can become the next Steven Spielbergs of suburbia.  

Differing from earlier models of the Flip camera that had smaller viewing screens, the SlideHD features a new "shoot and share" 3-inch flip-up screen for easier viewing, along with a 2x digital zoom and 16GB of memory for approximately four hours of hi-definition recording time. There is a touch-based slide feature on the camera for scrolling through all the videos you have stored on the device and requires virtually no set-up, so you can begin shooting right away. 

With a USB arm that flips out of the device for easy video uploads to any PC or Mac, you'll soon be able to share your child's entire dance recital debut on YouTube or Facebook, and revel in the glory of having the most talented child in the world.


Pricing for the Flip SlideHD starts at $229.99



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