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Tikatok Lets Kids Become Published Authors – Perfect Gift Idea for Mother’s and Father’s Day


With Mother’s Day just around the corner and Father’s Day soon thereafter, many parents can expect the traditional hand-prints in clay, painted flowerpots, ties and breakfasts in bed as gifts. And as adorable as these gestures are, there’s a new gift on the block that takes kids’ self-expression to a whole new level. 

Tikatok is an interactive website that lets kids compile their own stories and drawings into an actual book. Created by Barnes & Noble, a company that clearly knows its books, Tikatok is a great way to foster kids’ self-expression and encourage them to proudly publish their works of writing, art and illustration into a professionally-published hardcover or softcover copy, or a digital edition that can be emailed to friends and family. 

Kids can start from scratch and make their creations on their own, or use some of the themes or “StorySparks” that Tikatok provides to help the process. There are many themes to choose from such as Vacations, Princesses, Dinosaurs, School, Sports and more. There is also a “Memory Books” option which is more suited for younger Tikatok users and simply asks them to include a dedication, photo and favorite memory to complete the masterpiece. And of course, there are many Mother’s Day-themed books and covers to choose from, in honor of the upcoming holiday. 

There are examples of actual kid-created books on the website and they are simply fantastic. Imagine how even more fantastic the book is when it comes from your own kid.   

Registering on is free. Ordering your own hardcover book starts at $18, softcover is $15 and a digital book download is $2.99.






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