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Websites for Buying and Selling Used Baby Items

With every spring comes spring cleaning, and with every spring cleaning comes an opportunity to de-clutter and rid your home of things you simply don’t use anymore. For many of us, a lot of these “things” are baby-related, whether they’re adorable onesies, baby toys or that Exersaucer that entertained your baby so nicely when you just needed 20 minutes to get something done.  

There are a several websites geared towards parents who want to get rid of their stuff, but don’t want to deal with eBay and don’t trust selling on Craigslist. These sites are more intimate and are parent-friendly services that cater specifically to this niche audience. 

If you are looking to sell (or buy) used baby gear, clothes, accessories and more, here are some good sites to start with: 


This site just launched last month, and is a place for parents to used baby equipment and clothes. In addition to being an online marketplace, it's touting itself as a community for parents to gather and discuss anything and everything related to parenting. There is a "Learn: How to Grow as a Parent" section which features blog posts and insights on subjects like child safety and raising children on a budget.

As for the commerce part of the site, you can immediately begin buying and selling gear after you register for a free account. Selling requires uploading a picture, description of the item and price. There are several categories to choose from including Learning, Health & Hygiene, Clothing and more, but since it just recently launched, there aren’t many products featured in each. As the site continues to gain more visibility and members, I'm sure more inventory will be added.   


thredUP is a site geared primarily for kids clothing and is designed to essentially be an online clothing swap. When selling, members build “boxes” of used gear, which means stuffing as many items of clothing as possible into a medium flat-rate USPS box as possible (15, give or take, according to the founder) and then describing the contents of the box on the site. If you want to buy, you simply look through the descriptions of the boxes on the site and select whichever fits your particular needs. You simply pay a $5 service fee and $10.95 shipping fee to have it sent to you, and in exchange, are asked to post a box of your own stuff on the site. 

thredUP provides 10 prepaid USPS boxes with every new account, so that the process is easier for you. No pictures are included of the items, which makes it a little more difficult to make a decision, but thredUP upholds a high quality of standard for its process and requires members to follow the golden rule to “send only what you’d be willing to receive.” Basic membership is free, but they also offer a PRO membership for $29.99/year which includes features like first dibs on boxes and access to boxes of new, boutique clothing. 


SwapBabyGoods is a site that lets you trade in used baby clothes and gear or simply sell it online. You have to register for a free account and then you can list clothes, gear, equipment, bedding, etc. that you want to swap for items in similar value, or simply want to sell. If you are looking to buy, you can peruse the numerous categories on the site and see if the seller would rather take payment for the item or swap it with something else that you’re willing to part with.


Since spring has officially sprung, maybe it’s time to give that basement a good cleanout.  





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