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100,000 Toys at Toy Fair '09

I just got back from a fun-filled day at the 106th annual American International Toy Fair, and while it may sound like it's just a bunch of playing and silliness, it's really the largest toy tradeshow in the Western Hemisphere -- not for wimps. It hosts more than 1,000 toy manufacturers from 25 countries and showcases about 100,000 toys. I ran from booth to booth yesterday and today (and will be back for more tomorrow), trying to find the newest, coolest stuff for 2009. In the following weeks, I'll show you what caught my eye, from interesting new toy trends (the circus!), a bunch of toys for $10 or less, and the biggest, boldest stuff your kids will be begging for. So stay tuned!

At Toy Fair, you'll often see some interesting characters, as well, like these two clowns from Imagination Games that I saw goofing off. It's even weirder to see a bunch of business people in suits and ties, pounding away on their laptops or in serious meetings, only to find they are discussing the latest pirate trends or the newest toy from Lego. We all take toys very seriously! (But c'mon, not too seriously! They're too much fun!)