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8-Year-Old Beauty Queen Gets Botox and Bikini Waxes


Seriously? The Sun reports that 34-year-old Kerry Campbell gives her daughter Britney waxes and Botox and lip injections so she can stand out beauty pageants. Britney, by the way, is only 8 years old.

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The UK-based beautician and single mom injects her daughter with fillers every three months to smooth out the wrinkles that could damage the career Campbell knows Britney will have when she grows up.  “When she’s a superstar earning millions, she’ll thank me for what I did when she was younger,” she explained. In the U.S., only licensed doctors and nurses are allowed to administer these kinds of injections because they’re extremely toxic (Botox is made from a bacteria that’s a lot like the kind found in bad meat). Campbell definitely has her daughter’s safety in mind, though; she tests the injections on herself first.

Britney’s not bothered by her treatments. Sure, the injections and waxes—including a “virgin wax” to get rid of the pubic hair she doesn’t have yet—make her cry, but Britney wants to be pretty and famous. And they make her feel grown-up.

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Without getting on my gender studies soap box, I have to say I worry about what’s ahead for little Britney’s psyche when, at 8 years old, she’s already being told her looks are her greatest asset. Plenty of parents entertain fantasies of fame and fortune for their kids, but it’s another thing entirely to literally groom a child to be famous by any means necessary. When did it stop being enough to want your kids to just be happy?