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World Breastfeeding Week: Actress Constance Marie -- “Breastfeeding gave me a holistic boob job!”

Tara Sgroi

It’s well known that the journey to a successful nursing relationship is not an easy one. The road often begins with a lot of bumps and bruises, and the obstacles (not enough milk, sore nipples, improper latch) can often lead to a begrudging change in the best laid plans.

So it’s unsurprising when one-time nursing pessimists -- who have successfully managed to overcome those roadblocks -- find that they have become breastfeeding junkies.

Take actress Constance Marie, of The George Lopez Show, who recently chronicled her nursing experience on Here are some of her humorous memories:

  • “That is why our nipples get darker during pregnancy -- to provide contrast so the baby can see it! Like a bullseye! Who knew?”
  • “Seriously, why don’t these things come with gauges so we can see how much milk is coming out?!”
  • “MY BOOBS ARE AMAZING! I have always looked at them as just okay — less than average, ya know? But now when I look down, I think, “WOW! These girls are powerful!” I’m finally proud of them! Now I get what they’re for.”

I, too, can testify that after all the initial pain and suffering -- I was quite reluctant to stop. I nursed my daughter for 18 months and when it was finally over, I was definitely sad to see it end.

What about you, Parenting moms: did you turn into a nursing addict? What were some of the highs and lows of your breastfeeding journey?

It's World Breastfeeding Week through August 7. Stay tuned for a daily post on breastfeeding and be sure to share your thoughts, experiences and opinions on each post of the day.