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Adoption on TV


Is adoption portrayed realistically on TV? Our friend Nancy at, an adoptive mom herself, doesn’t think so. She thought the messages the season finale of Glee sent about adoption were “mixed and downright sad.”

“One of my adopted daughters (I have 3, one biological) threw a tantrum the night we watched the finale. At the time, I passed it off as a stayed-up-too-late fit. But after thinking all this through, I wonder if unconsciously she was upset about the messages the show was sending her. Is it really so easy for a woman -- even a young one with a mean side like Quinn -- to give her child away? And could a mother really reach out to her daughter, a 16-year-old girl, befriend her, and then decide it’s too late to get to know her? Could she really just replace her flesh and blood daughter with a newborn?”

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Did you see Glee? What did you think?