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WTFriday: Baby Gets TSA Pat-Down

Kansas City Star

Another round of discussion over post-9/11 airport security protocol is happening on the interwebs today, after a picture was tweeted of an 8-month-old baby getting a full TSA pat-down at Kansas City Airport.

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A post on the TSA website explains, “We reviewed the screening of this family, and found that the child's stroller alarmed during explosives screening. Our officers followed proper current screening procedures by screening the family after the alarm.” The TSA also added the family was very cooperative and arrived at their departure gate with ample time before takeoff. Although no explosives were found, there’s no word on whether a stink bomb was present (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Plus: Traveling with Car Seats on Airplanes

This comes after a spate of kid pat-downs, including a 6-year-old screened just last month. The TSA has long maintained that if any group is uniformly exempt from security measures, that leaves a loophole for terrorists to exploit. What do you think? Have lines of personal space boundaries been crossed, or is no measure too great when it comes to protecting the skies?